The making of every one of our handmade knives and blades is a process of
artistic project realization.

Depending on the design, shape, model, and decoration, it takes a long time to produce a artisan knife. It starts with designers, who make the sketches of the new knife and invent and develop the concept. Then, the draft design is submitted to an examination by the art council. When the knife maker comes up with a successful prototype, he then develops several ornamentation options. The deep creativity of the artist gives rise to many stunning works of art.

A highly-skilled craftsman works with metal and wood to manufacture the blade, grip, and scabbard. When the article is ready, the blade is polished and sharpened. The blades are made from high-grade stainless steel or from Damascus steel. The finished product is then brought to other workshops and is dismantled into components. Professional knife makers, engravers, artists, polishers, and jewelers are supervised by the designer of the knife and perform all the ornamentation and related tasks – knife engraving, nickel-plating, gilding, and final burnishing.


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